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'Gluten Pill' Developed To Help Celiac Sufferers Enjoy More Off-Limit Foods

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Celiac sufferers tired of sitting out on beer and pizza nights may soon get a bit of a reprieve.

A "gluten pill," developed by scientists at the University of Alberta, aims to help cut down the headaches, intestinal issues and digestive problems faced by that those with celiac disease when the ingest gluten.

Hoon Sunwoo, an associate professor of pharmaceutical sciences at the U of A, told CBC News he first started working on the pill to help out a friend.

"My friend is celiac. We haven't had any entertaining with beers. So, that's why I develop this pill — for my friend," he said.

The pill is made from the yolks of chicken eggs and prevent the absorption of gliadin — a gluten component that those with celiac disease have problems digesting.

"This supplement binds with gluten in the stomach and help to neutralize it, therefore providing defence to the small intestine, limiting the damage gliadin causes," Sunwoo told

Sunwoo explained to Metro News that those with celiac disease can take the pill right before eating a meal containing gluten and enjoy foods that are normally off limits to them for the next couple of hours.

However, he wants people to know that the pill isn't designed to cure the disease, but rather will help those with celiac disease have more choices about what to eat and drink without worrying about nasty side effects.

According to, the pill is still under development and will undergo efficacy trials in the next year.

Sunwoo told Metro News he expects the pill will be sold over the counter at an affordable cost.

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