What Dietitians Would Eat At Montana's Cookhouse

Yes, you can get steak!

If you're unfamiliar with Montana's Cookhouse, perhaps we can jog your memory with their cheesy commercials that included a talking moose head.

The chain, which has locations across the country, is mostly known for their BBQ-style ribs, steaks and big fat burgers. Of course, indulging in a sirloin steak or wings from time to time is fine, but if Montana's is always your go-to, there are ways you can cut back on calories, sodium and fats.

One thing we will note about Montana's is the ability to play with the menu. With such a large menu — they even have a specific summer BBQ menu — you are able to choose your own sides and make smaller dishes more filling. But with so many options, the calories do add up. If you are looking for your favourite meal on the site's nutrition page, you should note most entries do not include sides or dressings.

And if you really just want that large plate of carbs and sodium, go for it — at least, part of it.

"If there's something that is calling to your cravings, go ahead and indulge in a favourite but only eat half. Ask for a takeout container right away or move half to your side plate," says Vancouver-based registered dietitian Nicole Fetterly.

This week our dietitians picked everything from rice dishes (although they would suggest switching out the rice for more veggies), salads and even steak. Check out the slideshow below and let us know, what do you order at Montana's?

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What Dietitians Would Eat At Montana's