07/20/2015 12:27 EDT | Updated 07/20/2016 05:59 EDT

'Smoke-in' disrupted as truck slams into 5 cars outside Winnipeg police HQ

A peaceful "smoke-in" protest by medicinal marijuana supporters outside Winnipeg's police headquarters was disrupted when a truck slammed into five parked police cars.

Two marked police cruisers were among the vehicles that had smashed windows and dented passenger-side doors after a white, five-ton truck reversed into them outside the parkade near the Public Safety Building shortly after 11 a.m. CT Monday.

Kim Martel said she was walking in the area when she saw the truck reverse into the vehicles.

"When he hit the first one, I thought it was an accident and he was just trying to pull into there …. It was no accident," she said.

"He backed up and hit this one and just kept doing it — all of them, like, intentionally backing up — and then he took off."

A piece of metal from the truck was left behind after it drove away.

The incident happened at the same time that a group of marijuana advocates were smoking up outside the PSB to protest attempts by police to close the city's only medicinal marijuana dispensary.

Dispensary owner Glenn Price was visibly upset by what happened, saying the smoke-in was supposed to be a peaceful event.

"This is not right, this is not what I wanted," Price said as he walked by the smashed vehicles.

Winnipeg police spokesperson Const. Jason Michalyshen told CBC News there is no indication to date that the incident is connected to the marijuana rally.

The incident also happened while police were updating reporters inside the PSB on the ongoing search for 57-year-old Thelma Krull.