07/21/2015 04:09 EDT | Updated 07/22/2015 12:59 EDT

Shocking Video Shows Horrific Racist Tirade Unleashed On Calgary Cab Driver

A Calgary cab driver says she's still trying to recover from the emotional wounds of a vicious verbal attack that happened almost two years ago.

Global News released a video Monday that shows an unidentified man unleash a long and abusive racist tirade against Checker Cab driver Sardar Qayyum.

(WARNING: The video below is graphic and contains foul language.)

Video From Global Calgary

According to Global, Qayyum picked up the passenger from downtown Calgary on a November night in 2013. The man wanted to stop for fast food on his way home, but the taxi chit expired in 13 minutes.

The passenger, angry about his lack of time, began to berate Qayyum. Meanwhile, dashboard video surveillance captured the lengthy attack.

"You son-of-a-bitch, you f—ing (expletive), go back to where you’re from, take your wife and four kids," the passenger yelled.

He continued with: "what are you f—ing going to, strap a bomb to your body, huh?"

According to the Calgary Herald, the man broke the camera before leaving the cab, despite Qayyum agreeing to stop so the man could get food.

The man paid to have the camera fixed, reports the Herald, but was not charged at the time.

RCMP say they are now investigating.

Last week, the City of Calgary announced that every taxi in Calgary will be required to display a Passenger and Driver Bill of Rights, to enforce rules for appropriate conduct.

As of July 15, passengers are allowed to direct the route taken by a driver, and must be courteous. Drivers may ask passengers for deposits of up to $30 and can tell abusive or disorderly passengers to leave their cab.

The city's decision to require a posted Bill of Rights in each taxi comes shortly after a Calgary United Cabs driver was suspended for telling two male passengers that they couldn't kiss in his car.

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