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Andrew Hawryluk Eats Chipotle For 153 Days Straight, Spends $1,567 To Date

White rice topped with chicken, guacamole, lettuce and Tabasco sauce. This was Andrew Hawryluk's ordered at Chipotle for 153 days straight.

The 23-year-old California man, who initially began his Chipotle challenge as a joke for lent, told Business Insider at the end of his 40-day burrito-bowl eating journey, he found it anticlimactic.

"I decided to see how much longer I could do it."

He ended up going for 153 days and ordering the same meal at a few different restaurants. As he writes on his blog, he has spent a total of $1,567 to date and has eaten about 110,890 calories worth of food (his meal is about 605 calories).

He also answers some questions regarding his weight and diet. As he sits at 162 and hasn't really gained weight or lost weight due to his Chipotle diet, he says it really depends on everything else he puts into his body.

"I figure my weight mostly depends on all the other stuff I’m eating/drinking and in my mind has very little to do with my Chipotle intake," he writes, adding he eats pretty "plainly," but also exercises regularly.

"A lot of chicken breast and steak. Some fruits and veggies here and there..which basically means whenever someone less lazy than me prepares them. Salmon once a week if life doesn’t get in the way."

Watch this video above to find out about Hawryluk's personal challenge and let us know, have you been eating the same meal regularly? Oh and by the way, Hawryluk doesn't plan on stopping yet.


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69 days in a row on my birthday? Not a coincidence #chipotlife

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