07/21/2015 10:32 EDT | Updated 07/21/2015 10:59 EDT

Joe Strolz, General Manager Of Aol Canada, On How To Make Authentic Brands

“We have to be structured for the future. I think a lot of companies are re-looking at how things are. Are silos the way to do it? Are specialties the way to do it? Maybe, maybe not. But now is the time to look at structure to be poised to go into the future.”

North America’s top media minds converged in Toronto on May 5 for the 2015 Canadian Media Director’s Conference, “Marketing in the Age of Wonder.” Their message: true, human content is just as important as innovative media delivery.

As earned impressions and one-to-one engagement become the new standard of media success, many companies can lose their identity trying to find a buzz-worthy online voice. Savvy consumers are also wary of a “sell” hiding in certain kinds of sponsored content.

To Joe Strolz, GM of Aol Canada, success comes with staying true to your brand, being honest about your pitch, and keeping the promises you make online. He talks about this delicate balance in the Huffington Post Canada Conversation Lounge.

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