07/21/2015 06:03 EDT | Updated 07/21/2015 06:59 EDT

Rick Coupland, St. Lawrence College Prof, Out Of A Job After Homophobic Facebook Post

A business professor at St. Lawrence College's Kingston, Ont. campus is out of a job at the school after he made homophobic comments on his Facebook account.

Rick Coupland recently posted a story to Facebook about the Pride flag being raised in St. Petersburg, Fla.

With it, he wrote, "It's the queers they should be hanging, not the flag ...."

Coupland subsequently posted that he was called into a meeting at the school.

"Please pray for me and my job," he wrote.

The college confirmed he was no longer employed by the school in a series of tweets on Tuesday afternoon.

The school investigated after an ex-student noticed the post and made a formal complaint, Metro News reported Thursday.

Coupland's departure from the college drew some positive reaction on social media.

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