07/21/2015 05:33 EDT | Updated 07/21/2015 05:59 EDT

Alberta Couple Find Steven Tyler's Dog In An Edmonton Elevator

It's "Love in an Elevator," alright — or puppy love, at least.

A couple from Spruce Grove, Alta. was posing for their wedding photographs at the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald in Edmonton Saturday, when they came across a tiny dog alone in an elevator.

Hoping to reunite the dog with its owner, Ken Morrison, and his wife Richelle, headed in the direction of the hotel's front desk. But before they could make it there, they ran into Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler — who was searching for his lost pup.

Morrison told TMZ the rocker yelled, "OMG. You found my dog!," to which he replied, “OMG! You’re Steven Tyler!"

The "Sweet Emotion" singer stopped to chat with the couple, and even posed for a photograph, which the thrilled bride posted to her Facebook page.

Morrison told ET Canada that Tyler took an interest in the couple's honeymoon plans after he learned they would stay just down the road from his Maui home.

Tyler and his band clearly enjoyed the Alberta leg of their summer tour. Tyler was spotted at the popular "Taste of Edmonton" food festival last Friday, and the band posted several photos to Instagram from their stop in Fort McMurray over the weekend.

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