07/22/2015 01:54 EDT | Updated 07/22/2016 05:59 EDT

Leslie Street streetcar construction hits another roadblock

TTC CEO Andy Byford pleaded with Leslieville residents to be patient as construction on Leslie Street is now expected to last until mid-August.

At the end of May, the east-end community was informed that a 60-metre stretch of new streetcar track between Queen Street East and Eastern Avenue was laid about nine centimetres too high, forcing contractors to re-install the track. Byford said Pomerleau Construction will cover the cost of the mistake. 

Byford explained to Metro Morning host Matt Galloway today that it has taken longer than expected for "a new contractor, a design engineering contractor, who has been reviewing the drawings to make sure we don't compound the error."

He said he's confident that Leslie Street will be reopened by the middle of next month.

"We now have a clear path to completion because the error has virtually been corrected and the design has been signed off. We now know what remains to be done and that's within our control," he explained. "TTC personnel will go in, lay the actual rails, and put up the overhead wires."

'Never say never'

Byford added that "you can never say never (to further delays) in this game and I've certainly learned that in 25 years of dealing with projects" but added that the job is "pretty straightforward."

"The correction that was required for the track was unbelievably frustrating for the TTC and for the community as well. It shouldn't have happened and we're still dealing with that with the contractor."

Byford said he feels the pain of the community, but assured them that "the whole area will be spectacular" once the job is done.

"I know it's cold comfort to the community right now but please bear with us. We are determined to get this thing finished, to get out and let the community enjoy a quiet life again."