07/22/2015 12:28 EDT | Updated 07/23/2015 01:59 EDT

Here's What Happens When You Rent Two Guys From Kijiji To Use Toronto's HOV Lanes

As the Pan Am Games bring thousands of athletes, tourists and volunteers to Toronto, commuters are still complaining about the temporary carpool lanes for the multi-sport. The lowdown: The province removed one live lane of traffic and restricted it to cars carrying three or more passengers. That squeezed everyone else into the remaining two lanes, snarling traffic flow. We wanted to test whether the carpool lane actually saves time, so we hired two guys from Kijiji to be our extra passengers, fed them snacks in our car and pumped them full of Jay Z songs. Here’s what happened on our journey from downtown Toronto to the Pan Am aquatic centre in Scarborough, collected in a Storify.

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