07/22/2015 05:47 EDT | Updated 07/22/2015 05:59 EDT

Trick Shot Kid: This 6-Year-Old Has The Coolest Party Trick

A six-year-old Australian girl has us all mesmerized with her incredible no-look trick shots.

In a YouTube clip, Riley Dashwood from Melbourne is seen making a number of trick shots with household items. Effortlessly, the little girl tosses a DVD into its player, a piece of toast into the toaster, and even a milk carton into the fridge.

But while most would assume these shots use special effects, Riley’s father Rhett reassured on YouTube that the tricks are very real. As proof, Rhett even documented the number of attempts his daughter made before she got each shot just right. The yellow paper ball, for instance, took 64 tries, while the milk carton took 36 attempts over two days.

According to Mashable, Riley was inspired to create the video after she saw other YouTube trick shot clips. Her father then taught her an important lesson in persistence before they started their project.

“I thought, this is a good way for us to bond and to get together and have a project we can both work on,” Rhett said. “It started over a year ago now, and ever since we just make one when we feel the desire to.”

Since Riley’s video was uploaded to YouTube last month, she’s become an Internet star! Impressively, her clip now has over 1.4 million views.

“Probably the world's most patient child. Way to go!” one viewer wrote on Imgur.

Another joked: “That child is going places, possibly Hogwarts.”

After Riley’s video went viral, her father then posted a follow-up clip of all her trick shots and reactions. Although she doesn’t always make the shot, one thing is for sure – this is one cute kid!

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