07/23/2015 03:38 EDT | Updated 07/23/2015 03:59 EDT

Chad Pasloski Fired After Being Identified As Racist Calgary Cab Passenger

"We do not condone such behaviour."

A Calgary man caught on video unleashing a racist tirade against a cab driver has been fired from his job, according to reports.

Global News, who first published the video earlier this week, identifies the passenger as Chad Pasloski, an employee at Calgary's Alcro Electric.

He was taking the taxi home from a corporate function, using a company chit to pay his fare. He asked to stop for fast food, and although the cab driver agreed, he also informed Pasloski the chit was about to expire.

Alcro Electric issued a statement on its website Thursday, announcing that Pasloski was let go.

"At Alcro Electric we would like to acknowledge the public’s concern. We do not condone such behaviour and we believe in accountability. All people need to be treated with respect and dignity. This incident is not a representation of Alcro Electric. The employee involved is no longer with Alcro Electric," the statement read.

The video, released Monday, shows the man become increasingly abusive toward Checker Cab driver Sardar Qayyum.

(WARNING: The video below is graphic and contains strong language.)

"You son-of-a-bitch, you f—ing (expletive), go back to where you’re from, take your wife and four kids," the passenger yelled.

He continued with: "What are you f—ing going to, strap a bomb to your body, huh?"

RCMP are investigating the incident.

Meanwhile, Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi told the Calgary Herald that Calgarians need to "shape up" and said the behaviour seen in the video is "never acceptable."

"It doesn’t matter how drunk you are, you don’t treat human beings like that," Nenshi told the newspaper.

Last week, the City of Calgary announced that every taxi in Calgary will be required to display a Passenger and Driver Bill of Rights to enforce rules for appropriate conduct.

As of July 15, passengers are allowed to direct the route taken by a driver, and must be courteous. Drivers may ask passengers for deposits of up to $30 and can tell abusive or disorderly passengers to leave their cab.

The city's decision to require a posted Bill of Rights in each taxi comes shortly after a Calgary United Cabs driver was suspended for telling two male passengers that they couldn't kiss in his car.

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