07/23/2015 06:53 EDT | Updated 07/24/2015 12:59 EDT

Sikh Groom Fell Off Horse After It Was Fed Weed: Handler

"Who would do that? Why would you ever want to do that to a horse?"

A Sikh groom's wedding day didn't unfold as planned when a horse threw him to the ground during a traditional ceremony outside a Surrey, B.C. temple.

A YouTube video of the accident has attracted a lot of attention on social media since it was uploaded Saturday, with many people speculating on what caused the horse to panic.

In the video (watch below), the groom mounts the noticeably antsy horse in front of a crowd. Almost immediately, the horse named Misty starts running in circles as her owner tries to hold on to the reins.

The horse finally bolts, sending the groom flying. He lost his turban in the fall, but wasn't hurt and was able to remount the horse and ride to the ceremony.

At first, the horse's owner, Zsa Zsa Stiasny, thought maybe the groom's shoes and ceremonial sword — which she had asked him to remove — had made the animal uncomfortable.

"She's done weddings so many times before, and she's always been perfect," Stiasny said in an interview. "I didn't know what happened."

But now, Stiasny says an illegal substance may be the culprit. She told HuffPost B.C. Thursday that her friend found a second video that was apparently recorded as the horse was getting ready for the ride.

The Snapchat footage shows a man approaching Misty and Stiasny as someone else can be heard snickering in the background.

"Feeding the horse weed #thebadguy," reads the caption on the video, obtained by HuffPost.

Stiasny recalled: "A guest had come up to me before the groom got on, asking if he could feed her — and I said of course. Then today, we find that out."

Stiasny said she plans to take her seven-year-old horse to the vet to be checked out. She's also considering filing a police report.

"Who would do that? Why would you ever want to do that to a horse?" she said. "I have no idea what a substance like that would do to her."

Stiasny added, "I'm glad the groom's fine, but what a disaster. Thank God no one got hurt."

She has reached out to the newlyweds about the incident but hasn't heard back. HuffPost B.C. has also been unable to reach the couple for comment.

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