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Karlie Kloss Launches YouTube Channel

The 22-year-old supermodel is set for vlogger stardom as she launches her own YouTube channel, Klossy.

(Relaxnews) - The American dancer turned supermodel is not only winning over top fashion houses and cosmetics brands, recently adding Express, Versace and Joe Fresh to her portfolio. Now Karlie Kloss also looks poised for vlogger stardom as she launches her own YouTube channel titled Klossy.

A veteran in the business at the tender age of 22, Karlie Kloss has been headed for the summit of success since the age of 15 and, as of January, had become one of the most sought after models in the world. Now after releasing a teaser for the channel that already has well over 100,000 views and promises some behind the scenes peeks into the model's life story, Kloss appears to be on the edge of becoming a truly global household name. A look back on her meteoric rise.

Karlie Kloss, the chameleon

She doesn't have the notoriety of a Kendall Jenner, nor the charisma of a Cara Delevingne, and yet Karlie Kloss is one of the most en vogue models at the moment, sought after by the biggest names in fashion and beauty, from L'Oréal Paris to Victoria's Secret, Marc Jacobs to Chanel Beauté.

The young model is a true chameleon, and that's what seems to attract the companies lining up to sign her. She adapts to each brand and has the ability to be as feminine as she can be androgynous. Add to this a dose of perfect features and curves and you have the indispensable assets that guarantee success in the modeling world, on the runway as in beauty or fashion advertising campaigns.

All you need is one look at the images from her campaigns to realize how Karlie Kloss presents something different in each shot. Her stone-cold beauty can be fitted to a glamour look as well as it can to a sensual one, or she can simply let her looks speak for themselves, as she has done to perfection on the runway as a Victoria's Secret Angel.

A ballet dancer

Though she stands over 6 feet tall, Karlie Kloss never makes waves either. When she's trending on social networks, it's generally because of a show, a campaign or a positive initiative, not for acting out. There is no doubt that she is both talented and lucky, but she is also very demanding of herself, a characteristic that probably hails from her passion for dance, which she studied at Caston's Ballet Academy, and which demands precision, seriousness and exigency.

Her physique probably owes a lot to this pastime as well. With ideal measurements of 32-23-34, the blonde with green eyes was destined to be noticed early. At the age of 15, she signed with Elite Model Management and her career truly took off.

After seducing ready-to-wear brands (Topshop, Gap, Lacoste, H&M, etc.), she stepped up to the big fashion houses (Chloé, Alexander McQueen, Hermès, Dior) and then became the face of top brands such as Victoria's Secret and L'Oréal Paris. More importantly, she became the muse for some of the most famous photographers in the world, and an indispensable part of fashion weeks.

And the campaigns keep coming for Karlie. Such was the case again in January when luxury brand Versace announced that she would succeed Madonna as the face of its fall/winter 2015-2016 collection. Even though the American beauty appears alongside models Caroline Trentini and Lexi Boling in images released last month, there is no question that she is the star of the campaign.

Meanwhile news of Kloss's latest vlogging venture, which the model/cookie baker/fitness icon is launching with Casey Neistat as producer, has fans eager for more from the star.

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