07/23/2015 03:53 EDT | Updated 07/23/2015 03:59 EDT

New App Tender Lets You Find And Reject Recipes -- Just Like Tinder

Step aside, Tinder, because a new app knows what our hearts really desire — a really, really good lobster bisque recipe.

Tender, an app that recently launched, is helping people use the "swipe left for no, swipe right for yes" habits so familiar to Tinder users in order to achieve cooking greatness.

The app pulls pictures of recipes from blogs around the web and presents them to users in seemingly no order at all, allowing you to decide whether or not it's something you'd like to pursue. If you swipe right (a.k.a. yes), it files that recipe away into a cookbook you can later reference.

According to the site, the pictures are chosen based on how delicious they look, so yes, you are often just judging that food based on appearance alone. Much like ... well, you know.

Of course, there are plenty of other similar "find a new recipe" apps out there, like Tastespotting, Food Gawker and Yummly. The key, as with all lasting matches, is finding the one that works for you.