07/23/2015 02:23 EDT | Updated 07/23/2015 02:59 EDT

Toronto Has A New Animal Mascot And We're In Love

Is it a groundhog? A beaver? Whatever it is, we love it.

It's hard to forget now-famous Toronto animals like the Ikea Monkey, the High Park peacock and the city's latest animal victim, Conrad the raccoon. But with this newest addition, we're pretty sure we have a new favourite.

Meet this unnamed groundhog —well, we think it's a groundhog anyway, but we're relying on the powers of the internet to figure this mystery out.

This little guy (or gal) was spotted at Toronto's Exhibition grounds — currently known as Pan Am Park — around 8:30 this morning by a Toronto police officer near gate 23.

"This guy was coming up and just being friendly," said Toronto Police Constable Scott Mills. "They [the officers at the scene] put the hat beside him and he didn't move."

Standing in an upright position, almost like he or she is following orders, this cute ball of fur has now been dubbed Toronto Police's newest recruit and undercover applicant.

As of now, the department says the groundhog is doing well.

More updates to come.


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