07/24/2015 01:32 EDT | Updated 07/24/2015 01:59 EDT

Beetroot Benefits: 10 Things You Should Know

Before we confuse anyone, let's just get the facts straight: beetroot is the root portion of the beet plant — a.k.a. the beets you're already cooking and eating for your health.

"Beetroot and beet greens [the leafy tops] provide variety, colour and a plethora of nutrients like fibre, vitamin C, folate and iron," says registered dietitian Megan Wallace of Edmonton.

And since this root veggie is so easy to cook and prepare, you can make just about anything: shred your beets and turn them into a salad or dip, or roast and boil beets with seasoning for a delicious summer side, Wallace says.

She adds that if you're new to eating beets on the regular, you will notice some changes in your urine or stool — chances are, it will be slightly red.

"Don’t be alarmed. This is a common side effect of eating this intensely dark vegetable," she says. And speaking of intensely dark vegetables, this root also tends to stain very easily.

In the slideshow below, Wallace goes through 10 things everyone should know about beetroot, including health benefits, how to buy it and what you can do with it. We've also included some tasty recipes!

The 10 Wonders Of Beetroot