07/24/2015 07:09 EDT | Updated 07/24/2015 09:59 EDT

Prince George, B.C. Boy Breaks Restaurant Rules To Take Grandma On A Date

Now, that's how you treat a lady!

Vincent Vassollo of Prince George, B.C. convinced a restaurant to change its "no reservation" policy so he could take his grandmother out on a date.

"He requested a 'nice, quiet table with candles' for himself and his Grandma and he even brought her flowers with a beautiful hand-written card," wrote Dave Halley, Mr Mikes restaurant manager, on Facebook last Thursday.

"It seems like Vincent is well on his way to being quite the ladies' man, as all the girls here at work were very impressed with his thoughtfulness and manners! Way to go Vinny!"

vincent grandma date

Vassollo's grandma, Lois, had been visiting from Vancouver when Vinny suggested dinner for two, according to the post in the "Hell Yeah Prince George" Facebook group.

If that doesn't make you feel enough warm fuzzies — the restaurant covered the pair's dinner bill.

So cute!

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