07/24/2015 09:31 EDT | Updated 07/24/2015 09:59 EDT

Jennifer Lopez Turns 46: Definitive Proof She Doesn't Age

We want her secrets!

Happy birthday, Jennifer Lopez!

The singer turns 46 today (July 24), and we want to celebrate! We're taking a look back at some of JLo's best moments from the early days of her career, in turn, proving to the world that the woman does not age.

From her role as a Fly Girl on "In Living Colour," back in 1991, to her relationships with Puff Daddy (a.k.a. P. Diddy a.k.a Diddy a.k.a. Sean Combs) and Ben Affleck (we know you remember that time he kissed her famous derriere) and everything in between (read: hit singles and a judging spot on "American Idol"), this Bronx-born star has carved quite the spot for herself in the entertainment industry.

And the performer has done it with the perfect mix of class and sex appeal (which isn't easy to achieve). Through the years, she's become a champion of the skintight dress and she sure knows how to flaunt what her mama gave her (with a little help from Versace, of course).

And since being in the industry for over 20 years, Miss "Jenny From The Block" seemingly hasn't aged a day. We want her secrets!

Have a look through the gallery below to see for yourself!

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