07/24/2015 12:20 EDT | Updated 07/24/2016 05:59 EDT

Pohénégamook flooding damage totals $10.5M

The Quebec town of Pohénégamook, near the Maine border, is facing $10.5 million in damages after heavy flooding caused parts of the town to be evacuated on Wednesday.

About 75 homes were evacuated when heavy rain caused flooding and major road damage.

"We've worked tirelessly for the last two days to make sure the people who were evacuated from the area could get back into their homes as quickly as possible," said a statement from the town.

The statement said their first analysis of the damage suggests additional costs of $10,563,093. 

André Cantin of Environment Canada said roughly 60 millimetres fell in the region on Tuesday, including 30 in one hour. 

Cantin said another 10 millimetres fell on Saturday and another 30 to 40 fell on Monday. 

Residents took refuge in a local concert hall and were helped by the Red Cross.