07/26/2015 17:23 EDT | Updated 07/26/2016 01:12 EDT

B.C. fires: rain brings welcome relief, but more lightning possible

Rain has brought some relief to crews fighting wildfires around B.C., especially in the southeast and Kamloops districts.

​"There's finally some precipitation in the forecast for the south, certainly an area that could use it right now," said Fire Information Officer Ryan Turcot with the B.C. Wildfire Service.

The rain isn't enough to soak the parched ground, but it is a help, said Turcot. 

Thanks to the cooler, wetter weather, only 13 new fires were sparked on Friday, compared to around 100 new starts last Monday.

"That's still 13 more than we'd like to see, but definitely a lot better than what we were seeing earlier this week," said Turcot.

Turcot said unsettled forecasts for the southern areas of the province are expected to continue throughout the day and possibly into Monday, although the associated winds and lightning could start more fires.

There are approximately 200 active fires burning in B.C.; 148 of those were caused by lightning.

Earlier this week evacuation orders for West Kelowna and Bolean Lake Lodge near Falkland were downgraded to evacuation alerts. Firefighters continue to work on containing the blazes. 

Fire officials are reminding the public that it's still critical to be vigilant. Anyone who sees a fire is asked to call *5555.