07/26/2015 11:31 EDT | Updated 07/26/2016 05:59 EDT

Kanye West stands alone before mic cuts out

Bathed in full stadium light, alone on a large stage with no accompaniment, Kanye West belted through some of his greatest hits at Pan Am Dome (also known as the Rogers Centre) to end the closing ceremony on Sunday, after 16 days of competition in Toronto.

That is, before his microphone malfunctioned in the stadium.

Before it happened, Yeezus appeared to have the crowd in the palm of his hand. Despite the somewhat hostile reception to the announcement that he was the headliner of the closing ceremony, nobody can say Kanye didn't bring a full effort to the floor when he arrived on stage. He commanded the large space like few performers could, bouncing from side to side and getting the entire crowd involved.

A stage which, we should point out, was completely empty. Devoid of set design or performers. The original idea, it would seem, was to have Kanye bathed in a small spotlight during his set.

But he, in a seemingly-impromptu move, demanded that the lights come up, and performed most of his set fully illuminated in the stadium.

It seemed a bit odd, and became odder when Kanye threw his mic stand off the stage, in what looked like a bit of disgust.

That frustration culminated when Kanye's mic went dead in the stadium with about a minute left in the show. On television, everything seemed fine. But nobody in the Pan Am Dome could hear Kanye close his show.

Probably why when he threw his mic up in the air and walked off the stage after the set ended, to chants of "Kanye! Kanye! Kanye!"

Reports from organizers suggest Kanye's group had control over audio and lights for the show.

This debate will likely go away quietly. Just kidding. Enjoy Twitter for the next couple of weeks.

Never ever stop the party (at opening or closing ceremonies)

Earlier in the show, there was a Pitbull. You may remember that Pitbull emerged from a Giant Ball and kept the party going during the 2014 World Cup opening ceremony in Brazil.

He continued to be the Harbinger of Parties Everywhere, leading up to another appearance at a major athletic ceremony in 2015.

All that responsibility seems to have made Pitbull a bit tired, as he appeared to replace some of his English and Spanish with nonsense words from a language he created, probably from a pilgrimage to the Party Guru for renewal and strength.  

Pitbull, ever the hero of parties everywhere, managed to keep the energy up by yelling the word "Toronto" approximately 32 times during his three-song set.

Come for the weather, stay for the alpaca

Peru received their due as the host of the 2019 Pan Am Games, showing off their national pride in their own segment. They brought out a giant alpaca (not a llama as was first reported) that a little child then rode around the stage. This was easily a highlight.

Name that tune (we refuse)

Serena Ryder made an appearance and sang that song that nobody can remember because it wasn't played nearly enough over the past two weeks. Though some people were more interested in her choice of fashion during her first of two appearances at the event.

…and possibly her second.

Reports are surfacing that she did not, in fact, snap into a Slim Jim, so the comparison is likely coincidental.