07/26/2015 17:41 EDT | Updated 07/26/2016 01:12 EDT

Toronto gets set for warm, sunny final week of July

Summer days are quickly fading away as we approach August, but the final week of July is expected to be a beautiful time to be in Toronto.

The forecast currently calls for a low chance of precipitation during the week until Saturday rolls around. The next few days should be especially warm with the humidity shooting up Celsius temperatures into the mid-30s.

Here's this week's weather outlook:

Monday should be mainly sunny and 30 C, feeling more like 35 C with the humidex. The low is slated to be 20 C and winds should be moderate out of the south at 10 km/h.

Tuesday is expected to be sunny and 31 C degrees, with less wind and more sunlight — a whopping 13 hours of it. The humidex should make it feel closer to 36 C. The low is slated to be the warmest of the week at 22 C.

Wednesday looks like it may be the hottest and stickiest day left in July, with the humidity making it feel like a blistering 38 C. There should be a mix of sun and clouds, with winds out of the southwest expected to be at 25 km/h. The low will continue to hover around 21 C. There is also a 30 per cent chance of rain.

Temperatures come down a few degrees for Thursday and Friday, with the former expected to be mainly sunny and 27 C, feeling like 31 C with a low of 18 C. The winds from Wednesday should continue through Thursday.

We will conclude July on Friday with clear, sunny skies at a comfortable 26 C. It is expected to feel like 30 C and the low is forecast at 18 C. Just like Tuesday, there will be 13 hours of sunlight to wrap up the work week.

Unfortunately, the nice weather isn't expected to last through the weekend. The forecast calls for a few showers Saturday, with the mercury hitting 27 C and feeling like 32 C. On Sunday, there's a chance of a shower with the temperature reaching 26 C and feeling like 31 C. The forecast calls for a low of 16 C on Sunday.