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Alberta Golf Course Goes To The Dogs This Season.. Literally

This golf course wants you in the "ruff" this summer.

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An Alberta golf course is hoping to keep it in the "ruff" this season, by allowing dogs on the course for the first time ever.

Billed as “Alberta’s first pet-friendly course,” the Woodside Golf Course in Airdrie is inviting dog owners to bring along their four-legged friends every Sunday after 4 p.m.

Chris McNicol, director of operations at the course, told Metro Calgary it's a response to a request from many pet owners, who leave the course exhausted, only to have to go home and walk their dogs.

"This gives you the opportunity to do it at the same time," McNicol said.

"Before people were going home, playing golf, tired and not having that opportunity or forgoing that opportunity for their pets."

McNicol told the Calgary Sun that more than 50 per cent of European golf courses allow dogs.

Woodside offers poop baggies on the course, as well as dog treat stations, and golfers are welcome to enjoy the amenities so long at they keep their pups on a leash and pick up after them.

Predator Ridge, in Vernon, B.C., is the only other golf course in B.C. and Alberta that has a similar dog-friendly policy.

Full program details for Woodside Golf Course can be found here.

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