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Eyebrow Extensions Are The Latest Beauty Craze -- Here's Why

The solution to over-plucked brows is here!

If you've been keeping up with beauty trends, you've probably noticed that full bold eyebrows are in, and thin over-plucked brows are out.

But while a full brow can frame your eyes and face, unfortunately, not all of us were blessed with big glorious brows like British model and actress Cara Delevingne. And after years of tweezing, threading and waxing, growing brows back in can be a long (and very patchy) journey.

Of course you can always fill in and shape sparse brows with pencil or powders, but that requires time and skill. Luckily there's another option if you're growing impatient for your brows to grow in: brow extensions.

Yes, women and men are flocking to salons and brow bars to get the full brows of their dreams in just an hour or two. After brows are shaped and tinted, a technician uses tweezers and a safe clear adhesive to glue one small synthetic hair at a time to your existing hairs. Hairs can also be attached to the skin to fill in gaps or to create an entire new brow if there are no existing hairs. And the best part about eyebrow extensions? They look completely natural.

See for yourself:

The extensions last for about two to three weeks, so long as you avoid touching them and steer clear of oil-based facial cleansers. The cost of extensions range from about $65 to $150 or more depending on the salon and whether you need a simple touch up or full new brows.

The procedure is also ideal for those experiencing thinning brows due to medical conditions, such as alopecia, thyroid conditions, nutritional deficiencies or chemotherapy.

Check out some of the amazing eyebrow extension transformations below, and watch the video above to see NewBeauty editors Anna Jimenez and Carolyn Hsu try out the trend.

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