07/27/2015 05:48 EDT | Updated 07/27/2015 05:59 EDT

Computer Scientists Develop Algorithm That Provides Fashion Advice

When it comes to fashion advice, it turns out math may be your friend after all.

Feeling unsure about an outfit and want an honest objective opinion?

Well, computer scientists from the University of Toronto along with colleagues in Spain have developed an algorithm that can do just that.

Not only will it analyze your photo and tell you how fashionable your outfit is, but it will also give you feedback on how you can change up your outfit in order to look more fashionable.

The researchers created the algorithm after analyzing data collected from more than 144,000 photos posted on the outfit-sharing website, including the number of "likes" an outfit received, along with the text in the comments, descriptions and tags accompanying the photo.

The algorithm takes a number of factors into consideration when judging a photo and outfit, including the type of outfit and garments, the person's appearance, the location the image was taken in, and the scenery behind the photo subject. It can then suggest subtle tweaks the individual can make to their outfit to look more fashionable, and will even suggest the best spots to take their outfit pic.

The team is currently working on turning the algorithm into an app for public use. So until then, you will just have to continue relying on your friends for style advice.

To learn more about the findings, check out the "Neuroaesthetics in Fashion: Modeling the Perception of Fashionability" paper here.

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