07/27/2015 04:20 EDT | Updated 07/27/2015 04:59 EDT

How To Wear The Sheer Trend Without Looking Half-Naked

Wearing sheer clothing may look easy on those impossibly fashionable street style stars and guess what? It actually is.

Don’t let barely there clothing scare you away from giving this hot summer trend a whirl. Anyone, regardless of body type, can work the sheer trend if you take a few simple rules and style tips into consideration.

As much as we love and embrace the female form, egregiously revealing outfits aren’t cute outside of the Victoria Secret runway. We prefer the company of demure but sexy sheer panels or strategic cutouts as opposed to all those naked dresses breaking the Internet.

If you do plan on wearing an entirely sheer shirt or overlay, layer it over a crop top and high-waisted skirt or pants so only a sliver of skin is visible. Embellishments like beading or applique over a sheer item are also great ways to work with the trend without feeling overexposed.

When in doubt, a nude camisole or slip is your best friend if you have reservations about going sheer this summer. We challenge you to try this trend with our top sheer picks:

Sheer Clothing Picks

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