07/27/2015 04:02 EDT | Updated 07/27/2016 05:59 EDT

Kirby Tott, Reservist Who Died On Base, Wanted To Help People, Father Says

Prince George's Pte. Kirby Tott collapsed during training in Manitoba.

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Kirby Tott, the Prince George reservist who died Saturday after collapsing on base, joined the military in 2012 because he wanted "to help people," according to his father.

According to the military, Tott, 25, died suddenly at Canadian Forces Base Shilo in Manitoba.

Craig Tott told CBC News Monday that his son — who worked at Prince George Regional Correction Centre — was hoping to eventually become an RCMP officer, and was planning to attend interviews in Saskatoon and Regina when he returned from training.

"I think he just cared about people — and that's all," Tott said. "He went to school, he's got a criminology diploma, and it was something he was interested in.

"He wanted to be in the reserves because he wanted to be part of it — to help people."

Family in shock

"Pte. Tott collapsed while conducting training. There were no vehicles or weapons involved," Lori Truscott, a spokeswoman with CFB Shilo stated in an email to CBC News on Monday.

Truscott added that no further details on the cause of death would be released until after an autopsy has been conducted.

Tott's father said his son had no known pre-existing medical condition, and that the family is waiting to find out more details.

"Right now we're in shock," he said. "And trying to work through this nightmare."


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