07/27/2015 16:59 EDT | Updated 07/27/2016 01:12 EDT

Mexico's national team coach allegedly hits TV journalist after victory in soccer's Gold Cup

MEXICO CITY — The coach of Mexico's national soccer team is known for his histrionic displays of emotion during games.

Now Miguel Herrera's off-field composure is being questioned after a television sports anchor claimed the coach punched him at the Philadelphia airport following Mexico's 3-1 victory over Jamaica to take the Gold Cup.

Television Azteca sports anchor Christian Martinoli described the incident Monday on a Television Azteca program. He said Herrera apparently wanted to hit him again but fellow sports commentator Luis Garcia got between them.

Martinoli has criticized Herrera's performance as coach as have many Mexicans.

The Mexican Soccer Federation did not immediately confirm the Sunday incident.

The short, stocky Herrera gained notoriety for his effusive celebrations at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

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