07/27/2015 09:19 EDT | Updated 07/27/2016 05:59 EDT

Tornado warning issued for southwestern Manitoba

Environment Canada has issued a tornado warning for parts of southwestern Manitoba this hour.

The warning was issued at 8:06 p.m. CT for the rural municipalities of Pipestone, Sifton and Wallace, covering an area that includes Oak Lake, Virden, Elkhorn and Deleau.

The Melita, Boissevain and Turtle Mountain Provincial Park areas are also covered by a tornado warning issued for the RMs of Albert, Cameron and Edward, which includes the communities of Tilston, Broomhill, Pierson, Lyleton and Hartney.

Environment Canada says numerous weather watchers have reported seeing rotating wall clouds in southwestern Manitoba and southeastern Saskatchewan on Monday evening.

A tornado watch is in effect for the following rural municipalities:

- RM of Arthur including Melita and Coulter.

- RM of Brenda including Waskada, Medora and Goodlands.

- RM of Cameron including Hartney.

- RM of Morton including Boissevain and Turtle Mtn Prov. Park.

- RM of Whitewater including Minto Elgin and Fairfax.

- RM of Winchester including Deloraine.

- RM of Daly including Rivers and Wheatland.

- RM of Glenwood including Souris.

- RM of Sifton including Oak Lake and Deleau.

- RM of Whitehead including Alexander and Beresford.

- RM of Woodworth including Kenton and Sioux Valley Res. (This RM is also under a severe thunderstorm warning.)

A severe thunderstorm warning is also issued for the RMs of Archie and Miniota.