07/27/2015 03:14 EDT | Updated 07/27/2016 05:59 EDT

York police get 4 calls for dogs locked in cars in hot weather

York Region Police are warning pet owners to leave their animals at home when going to places that don't allow pets, after dealing with four cases of dogs being left in hot cars on Monday alone.


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The police service said it has responded to four separate reports of dogs locked in cars in parking lots, while the temperature has been over 30 C.

In one instance, in a Walmart parking lot in Vaughan, the pet owner was charged for leaving the dog in their vehicle.

The Ontario SPCA said animals can die from excessive heat. Temperatures above 30 C can feel like 70 C to a dog in a car, the animal welfare organization said.

It has recently started an online campaign against leaving unattended pets in hot cars, called #nohotpets.