07/28/2015 12:35 EDT | Updated 07/28/2015 12:59 EDT

Adoptive Parents Meeting Their Newborn Will Melt Your Heart


Although birth photography has become a growing trend, one photographer decided to capture another equally momentous occasion – the moment adoptive parents met their newborn for the first time.

“I have always wanted to photograph the first meeting of an adopted baby,” said Minnesota photographer Kristen Prosser. “I got to be a part of this incredible moment with one of my best friends!”

On her Facebook page, Prosser explained that her friends Sarah and David Olson were informed last Tuesday that they were matched for an adoption. On Wednesday, she then accompanied the couple as they flew from Minneapolis-Saint Paul to Tallahassee, Florida, to meet their baby girl.

“It was one of the most special moments of my life, I was so privileged to watch this all unfold,” the 31-year-old photographer said. “What a perfect example of unconditional and sacrificial love.”

During the meeting, Prosser beautifully captured the instant love the Olsons felt as they met their daughter Tilly Pearl for the first time. Take a look at the heartwarming photos below.

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The Olsons now have three kids: Zakary, Levi and Tilly. On their family website, the couple explained that they had always wanted three children. Despite having two very difficult pregnancies and having their second son Levi born with Spina Bifida, the Olsons were determined to have one more child.

“We love our boys but knew our family was not complete,” David told ABC News. “Regardless of Levi’s ongoing medical scenario, we wanted a third child. We tried to become pregnant for about eight months with no luck.”

The couple then decided to adopt and after four disappointments, they were finally matched with their baby girl.

Describing the moment he met his daughter Tilly, David said: “As soon as we saw her, our hearts felt complete. There are no words to describe it. How to you explain love for a human you just met? That is the power of adoption. We prayed and prayed for this baby to come into our lives, and that time had finally come. Within 30 hours of receiving the call, we were holding our baby girl. Such a surreal moment.”