07/28/2015 11:21 EDT | Updated 07/28/2015 11:59 EDT

Bugaboo Ad Controversy: Moms Are Not Happy With This Stroller Ad

A Bugaboo ad featuring a toned, bikini-clad model pushing a stroller has sparked quite the controversy among mothers.

The image was shared on Bugaboo’s social media accounts showing Dutch supermodel Ymre Stiekema pushing her baby girl. On Instagram, the caption read: “Wow doesn't model and mother of 2-year old Lymée, Ymre Stiekema look amazing in this @nlvogue shoot! Check out the Bugaboo Journal (link in bio) to read our interview with the real-life Bugaboo Runner.”

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The ad was created to introduce the company’s first running stroller. However, mothers were quick to criticize its promotion. Referring to the ad’s unrealistic portrayal of mothers, one woman wrote: “I also often jog in a bikini.”

Another chimed in, saying, “I do too!!!! But I also need a half roll of duct tape for jiggle maintenance.”

While Bugaboo’s Facebook and Instagram posts from last week have garnered over 1,000 likes each, the backlash from readers is still steadily rolling in. “Seriously why in the world would she be running in this?” one said. “Horrible promotion!! Not gonna lie she's one fit mama but really?!!!”

Interestingly, the conversation then turned from the unrealistic portrayal of mothers' bodies to women being jealous of other moms. One commenter who came to the model’s defense said: “Really ladies? Are you that judgemental or jealous that you have to question what she is running in? Women should support each other not tear each other down because you feel inadequate. I would never get away with wearing that while I run, but great for her!”

Despite this, in the end, one mother hit the nail on the head saying: “Lol yes let’s all go running in our bikinis after having a baby kudos to her by the way, but it’s hardly reality for the other 99.9% of us. I question the marketing approach, not her.”

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