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#ThighReading Is The Latest Body-Positive Trend To Hit Instagram


(Relaxnews) - If you've got lines on your thighs that would never in a million years see the light of Instagram then it's time to reassess, because "#thighreading" is the latest beauty statement to hit social media.

The hashtag was started on Twitter earlier this month by student @princess_labia, who shared a photo of the stretch marks gracing her thighs with her 10,000 followers. The accompanying caption "palm readings <<<< thigh readings" struck a chord with the Internet and the hashtag #thighreading had soon made the transition to Instagram.

"There are so many faces and body types and features that girls never get to see reflected back at them," the student told Elite Daily. "Girls have tweeted back at me that they had no idea so many women have stretch marks, and that's so sad, right?

"Something that is as normal, common and beautiful as stretch marks is something we've been taught to be ashamed of, to be alone with."

The body-positive trend has seen women such as @miss_london posting pictures of their stretch marks or other 'imperfections' alongside inspiring hashtags such as #storyofmybody, #confidence and #stillbeautiful. One user @bethoneyy posted the message: "I have cellulite and stretch marks but that doesn't mean I'm not "normal" or beautiful!", while @cassidyparkes captioned her photo "Big thighs save lives."

Thick thighs save lives #thighreading #fvckbeautystandards

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Thigh reading is the latest social media campaign to focus on positive body image for women this year. It follows the success this spring of the Instagram account @Loveyourlines, launched to promote "real women, real bodies and real self love" and comes after various celebrities got real about their imperfections, with supermodel Chrissy Teigen posting one memorable shot of her legs captioned: "Stretchies say hi!"

Bruises from bumping kitchen drawer handles for a week. Stretchies say hi!

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