07/28/2015 12:16 EDT | Updated 07/28/2015 12:59 EDT

Travel Alberta Forgets Nunavut Is A Canadian Territory

"We hope that our tourism friends in Nunavut understand this was a mistake..."

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Nunavut has been a Canadian territory for 16 years, but Alberta's tourism agency let it slip their mind, apparently.

A recent advertisement from Travel Alberta, extolling the province as an affordable option for U.S. travellers, forgot to include Nunavut.

Of course, Reddit users had a field day with the ad, after it was posted to the popular sharing site under the headline "This Travel Alberta ad forgot Nunavut exists."

"Travel Alberta: wait, there's stuff other than Calgary?" joked apjane.

"Their existence is not irrelevant at all. I'm from the Yukon and being forgotten about would be shitty. Just because you don't personally care doesn't mean it's fine," wrote chewp911.

Nunavut, however, isn't the only area that got flubbed on the map. Redditors pointed out several other inconsistencies, including a secluded Cape Breton Island, seemingly adrift from its usual position close to the Nova Scotia mainland, and a forgotten Ellesmere Island, which was also left off the map entirely.

Travel Alberta apologized for the map Monday.

"It was an error on our end and we do apologize if it causes any concern or confusion for anyone. We are correcting the imagery to ensure it doesn't happen again," spokesperson Jennifer Anderson told the Calgary Sun, adding the advertisement appeared in the June edition of United Airlines' Hemisphere Magazine.

"We hope that our tourism friends in Nunavut understand this was a mistake and we're going to be reaching out to them as well," she said. "We want to always ensure the accuracy of our marketing."

Travel Alberta has produced some stellar marketing spots in the past, including several videos that highlight Alberta in a beautiful light. Here's hoping this was a one-time mistake and we'll continue to see only the very best from them in the future.

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