07/28/2015 06:48 EDT | Updated 07/28/2015 10:59 EDT

Vivica Fox On Donald Trump's Campaign: 'There's Method To His Madness'

“He insults you, but he says a lot of things people want to say."

Depending on whom you ask, Donald Trump's presidential campaign has offered a little something for everyone. For late-night comedians, the billionaire's run at the Oval Office has been a treasure trove of material.

Ask the Republicans he'll be representing, should he be elected, and some might say his efforts have been nothing but a sideshow.

But ask Vivica A. Fox, and she'll tell you his bid has been something of a success story. Well, at least when it comes to taking over the limelight and squeezing his competitors into the shade.

“The stuff he’s been doing lately kind of [rubs] me the wrong way," the actress told the Huffington Post Canada. "But he’s been successful… he’s making people notice him, that’s for sure."

Fox said Trump won't be getting her vote. She's supporting Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Monmouth University poll suggested his recent attacks against Senator John McCain actually haven't hurt his popularity in New Hampshire, according to The New York Times.

"There's a method to his madness," Fox added.

And she probably knows what she's talking about. After all, the producer worked with Trump as a competitor on season seven of "Celebrity Apprentice", finishing among the top three contestants earlier this year.

For more on what Fox thinks about Trump, check out the video above.

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