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This Program Will Tell You Your Personality Based On How You Write

All you need is 100 words to get analyzed.

They say the way you dress and the way you drive says a lot about you, but what about the way you write?

Turns out, the words you choose reveal plenty about you too.

Cognitive computer IBM Watson has developed a new algorithm that analyzes the personality of a writer based on as few as 100 words.

The site, which lets users choose between typing in English and Spanish, not only provides people with a brief personality summary, it also reveals the data behind the analysis, so you can get a closer look at how adventurous your adrenaline-loving friend really is.

So what does this article say about us? Well, based on the words above, not a whole lot. According to the site, your text must match at least 70 words from their database.

Add in a few more words and voila! Suddenly we're confident, assertive and self-assured — and apparently we have quite the imagination.

We tested the site with a few more blocks of text, and for the most part found the descriptions fairly accurate. But as Design Taxi points out, you can drop anyone's text in there and the results will vary.

Take the test for yourself here, then let us know in the comments below if these site has your personality down pat.

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