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WATCH: 100 Years Of German Beauty In Less Than 2 Minutes

Cut Video is back with another installment of "100 Years Of Beauty." This time they tackle the evolution of beauty in Germany, revealing how beauty trends were affected by the two world wars, and the divide and reunification of East and West Germany.

Like previous episodes in the series, a time lapse video shows makeup artists and hairstylists transforming a model (Brooke Williams) to showcase a century's worth of German beauty trends from the 1910s to present day, all in less than two minutes. However, when this video reaches the 1950s, which is shortly after the country was divided following the Second World War, the screen is split to showcase how beauty trends differed in East and West Germany.

100 years of beauty

100 years of beauty

Once the video hits the 1990s (when the demolition of the Berlin Wall began), the two sides merge and the looks are unified once again.

Cut Video's creative director Mike Gaston spoke to The Huffington Post about the series and the amount of research that goes in to each episode, and why Germany was particularly challenging.

"The hardest part of doing a series like this is achieving authenticity," he said. "How can we be certain our work will be true to the experience of the people who identify with these cultures? How do we negotiate the complications and horrors in their histories in a way that is honest but still accessible? How do we acknowledge something like Nazi Germany without being reductive? Although I'm satisfied overall by our latest video, I'm not sure we were as successful confronting that period as we could've been."

Cut has now showcased "100 Years Of Beauty" in 10 countries, including Mexico, India, Russia and the Philippines.

Watch the video above to see how hair and makeup trends have changed over the past 100 years in Germany. Let us know your favourite look from the episode in the comments!

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