07/29/2015 10:57 EDT | Updated 07/29/2016 05:59 EDT

5-Year-Old Girl Flags Down Help After Mom Knocked Out In Prince George, B.C. Car Wreck

Angela Shymanski was driving home to Prince George, B.C. from Calgary last June with a lullaby playing on the CD player to soothe her two kids.

Unfortunately, the soft music caused Shymanski to nod off while behind the wheel. Her SUV veered down a 12-metre embankment just outside of Jasper, Alta.

When she came to, she was staring at a stranger who told her that her kids were safe, and that her five-year-old daughter had climbed out of the car and up the slope to flag down help.

"I just couldn't even believe what she had done.

"He said, 'Your little girl, she hiked up this embankment and flagged us down,'" Shymanski told CBC. "And he said: 'Don't worry, they're both up at the top, at the highway and they're fine.' "

Shymanski was flown to an Edmonton hospital where she was treated for neck and back injuries. Her infant son son had a small bleed on his brain. Shymanski returned home to Prince George in late June.

Girl still has nightmares

All three are recovering, but Shymanski still can't quite believe how calmly Lexi reacted.

"Even now, a month and a half later, I still can't believe what she was able to do, climbed up 12 metres of a steep embankment. She was in bare feet."

Six weeks after the crash, her son has recovered. Lexi only suffered a scratch but still has nightmares.

The family has launched a fundraising campaign to pay for some of their costs. Shymanski, a swim instructor, hasn't been able to work since the crash. Her husband Travis has been off work to care for his family.

Shymanski recently asked Lexi what prompted her to go seek help

Lexi replied: "I thought, 'What would Mommy say if she was awake . . . Mommy would say go get help.' "