07/29/2015 05:53 EDT | Updated 07/29/2015 05:59 EDT

All Of Your Pressing Bra Questions -- Answered!

From care to fit and everything in between!


It seems as though when it comes to bras, we women are far more clueless about them than we should be, especially considering we wear them on the regular.

During a recent discussion at the HuffPost Canada office, we realized how many questions we had about these "fabric prisons for our chests" (yes, that is a real quote from said conversation). How often do you wash them? When do you know if it's time to throw one out? What do you do if you're in between sizes? And what exactly happens at a bra fitting?

And it seems as though we're not the only ones. According to research conducted by lingerie brand Triumph, roughly three million women search online for bra fit advice every month, not to mention 64 per cent of the world's women wear the wrong sized bra, 29 per cent of them knowingly!

So, we figured it was high time to get educated about bras and enlisted Triumph's professional bra fitter, Melissa Pizzardi, to answer every single one of our most pressing bra questions. Whether you're small-chested, big-busted, bra newbie or bra veteran, believe us when we say these nuggets of wisdom are super useful.

Check them out below:

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