07/29/2015 02:17 EDT | Updated 07/29/2015 02:59 EDT

How To Look Good Without Makeup: Tips And Tricks To Feel Confident Bare-Faced

We can’t get enough of Kim Kardashian's stunning fresh-faced editorial in Vogue Spain -- seeing the omnipresent reality star sans the heavy eye makeup and contouring is, well, refreshingly real.

And as much as we love taking on the latest the beauty crazes, be it contouring, strobing or baking, the editorial was also an important reminder to celebrate our own naturally beautiful bare faces too. That’s why we’re taking a moment to talk about putting aside the palettes and the powders and going au natural.

Going makeup-free when you're accustomed to wearing full makeup on a daily basis can be daunting and will take some adjusting to. So to help make the transition easier, we’ve rounded up some tips that will have you looking and feeling fabulous without makeup in no time.

Of course, whether you wear makeup or not, looking your best starts with a healthy diet, regular exercise, sufficient sleep and proper hydration. And let’s not forget the importance of a skincare routine that includes cleansing twice a day, exfoliating at least once a week, and applying toner and moisturizer.

However, there are additional tricks you can use to look perfectly radiant without makeup’s aid, and we've included a few in the slideshow below. If you're not ready to go completely makeup free, but want to sport a more natural look, watch the video above for tips from Buzz60. And be sure to share your own tips in the comments.

How To Look And Feel Your Best Without Makeup

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