07/30/2015 05:00 EDT | Updated 07/29/2016 05:59 EDT

Tina Adams, Hudson jogger struck by driver, starts rehab

Hudson resident Tina Adams, who was struck by a driver in mid-June while she was out for a jog, says she's trying to remain positive as her rehabilitation begins.

This week, Adams, 20, was transferred to a rehabilitation centre in St-Bruno after spending a month and a half at the Montreal General Hospital.

Adams, 20, and a friend were jogging along Cambridge Street in Hudson on June 12 when they were struck by a car, which then hit a utility pole and caught fire. 

Her injuries were extensive; a crushed hip and pelvis, fractured spine, punctured lungs, nerve damage to her right leg, ligament damage in her left leg and a cracked skull.

"We really don't know if I'll be able to walk again. We don't know if I'll be limping or if I'll have a lot of trouble," Adams said in an exclusive interview with CBC Daybreak's Mike Finnerty.

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Adams says she has no memory of the accident or what she did in the hours before it happened.

She was placed in an induced coma for six days before waking up.

"I woke up and I thought I had got into a car accident. That I was in a car and I was the driver," she said.

"My mom said, 'No, no, no. You were jogging and a car hit you.'"

Despite the injuries, Adams says she is trying to focus on moving forward.

"I really do think I'm lucky to be alive," she said.

Adams says her parents have been by her side all along the way. Her father spent every night at the hospital and her mother came in for what they called the "day shift."

Jordan Xavier Taylor, 22, was charged with 10 offences including criminal negligence, impaired driving and failure to stop at the scene of an accident causing bodily harm in connection with the collision. He was released on bail.

Adams says she doesn't want to think about the driver or the court case that lies ahead. 

She says she's looking forward to her recovery so she can accomplish her dream of becoming a police officer by continuing her studies in John Abbott's College Police Technology program.

"I can do it. I'm a pretty tough person," Adams says.