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Caribbean Snacks We're Craving For Caribana (And, Well, All The Time)

It's Caribbean Carnival/Caribana time in Toronto -- time to fete, jump up, take a lil' wine and get on bad.

And time to EAT. Just thinking about it makes us hungry, so we've rounded up just a few of our favourite West-Indian snacks, from Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Guyana and more (but full disclosure: they're mostly Trini). These treats run the gamut, from fried delicacies with Indian roots to fresh-fruit creations that are island originals.

If you've been a patty person up to now (and we know many Torontonians love a good patty), get ready for some new snack obsessions. And for those in the know, join us as we celebrate these beloved 'more-ish' treats (You know, so good, you want more). The best part is these snacks are enjoyed year-round, not just for Carnival. So once you're hooked, you never have to go without.

Ready? OK. We'll kick off with the Jamaican classic: BEEF PATTY. Spicy filling + crusty dough = perfection. Why not put it in a coco bun?

A rival to the patty in this town: DOUBLES. A Trini delight: bara, channa, chadon beni, slight pepper. A portable treat that can't be beat.

Have mercy! Doubles with Pepper Sauce. I am in heaven �

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TING: Also Jamaican. Grapefruit soda. MMMM.

Aaaahhh. #jerkchicken #ricepeas #ting

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Maybe you are feeling for something sweet, sour and spicy all at the same time. It's ok, it happens: You need some homemade MANGO CHOW. Eating this on the beach = heaven, ain't so?

#nofilterneeded #homemade #madefromscratch #mangochow #trinidadian #nomnomnom #foodgasm #foodporn #healthy

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On the other hand, a little COCONUT ICE CREAM never hurts, either.

#coconuticecream \o/ ���

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And while we're talking coconut, DROPS can also scratch that itch.

Remember CHUBBY drinks as a kid? Or Peardrax? Busta? Big Red? Apple J?

Sometimes you want to keep it simple, so CRIX and cheese hit the spot (If it's cheese paste, all the better, we say).

Or how about a little BREAD AND PEAR (and a cold beer)?

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But when you've got a craving for the fried, go for POTATO BALLS OR PHOLOURIE.

Or get a little greens with your fried goodness and munch on a SAHEENA.

And the morning after playing mas, treat yourself to some BAKE, PLANTAIN AND SALTFISH.

There, now you're fuelled up and ready to party LIKE AH BOSS. Happy Carnival!

Don't see your favourite snack here? Tell us in the comments below!

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