07/31/2015 02:42 EDT | Updated 07/31/2016 05:59 EDT

CBC Do Crew goes above and beyond at On Rock Community Services

The CBC Montreal Do Crew was at On Rock Community Services in Pierrefonds on Wednesday.  

Volunteers were asked to help give the food warehouse and community diner floors a deep cleaning, but once they were done, they decided to continue and cleaned all the tables, chairs, tablecloths and toys in the community diner.  

They even went outside, braving the heat and humidity to prune the weeds growing around the side of the building!

On Rock Community Services is a community organization that provides services such as a food bank, a community diner and a school lunch program to those in need.

It relies on volunteers to do most of the work as Kim Reid, president and founder of On Rock, is the only full-time staff member. The organization holds various fundraising events each year, such as the upcoming motorcycle charity ride "Riders Against Hunger," as well as organizing numerous food drives throughout the year.

Thank you to Jean, Belinda, Michele, Connie, Tara, Italo and Nicole for all their help!  You are all troopers!

A special thanks to CBC reporter Jennifer Allen for jumping in with all her heart and getting dirty!

More photos of the Do Crew at On Rock: CBC Montreal on Facebook

If you would like the CBC Montreal Do Crew to help your organization, or if you have any questions or would like to volunteer, please get in touch with Johanna Tzountzouris by email at or by phone at 514-597-4499.