Jon Montgomery, 'Amazing Race Canada' Host, Shares His 5 Vital Travel Tips

No, chugging a pitcher of beer is not one of them.

If travelling was an Olympic event, Jon Montgomery would've probably grabbed himself another medal by now.

Between his time as a member of the national skeleton race team and his stints as the host of "The Amazing Race Canada", the Olympian says he's picked up a few tidbits about exploring the world.

Currently, Montgomery is preparing for a different kind of trip. In November, both he and his wife, Darla, will set off to cycle 500 km across Central America.

But the skeleton-racing couple won't be on a quest for gold this time — they'll be looking to raise a million dollars to support clean water projects around the world on behalf of WaterAid Canada.

Montgomery took the time to speak with the Huffington Post Canada to share five key travel tips he's amassed over his career in the video above.

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