07/31/2015 03:05 EDT | Updated 07/31/2015 03:59 EDT

15 Summer Beauty Fails We're All Guilty Of

Even beauty junkies and gurus aren't immune to the perils of summer beauty!

As much as we love summer, it isn't exactly great when it comes to our beauty routines. Melting makeup, the added step of extra SPF and frizzy hair are just a few of the summer beauty fails we've grown accustomed to, not to mention seriously oily skin and the dreaded blisters.

However, we take solace in the fact that virtually no one is immune to these summer beauty blunders -- even beauty junkies and gurus are guilty of these mishaps.

Don't believe us? We asked the HuffPost Canada editors and Lifestyle contributor network (a.k.a. our panel of style experts) to share their biggest summer beauty fails they've experienced.

Check them out in the slideshow below!

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