07/31/2015 02:12 EDT | Updated 07/31/2015 02:59 EDT

Tories' Anti-Trudeau Ad Persuading Some NDP To Vote Liberal: Poll


The Conservative party’s aggressive campaign against Justin Trudeau may actually persuade some to vote Liberal, a recent poll suggests.

According to Forum Research, two thirds of those surveyed have seen the Conservative’s anti-Trudeau video ad criticizing the Liberal leader’s credentials for prime minister.

Within that segment, 32 per cent said they are more likely to vote Liberal after watching the ad. Twenty-four per cent indicated they are more inclined to vote Conservative, whereas 23 per cent said the video sways them to vote NDP.

“After the last election, there are a lot of former Liberals who are looking to come back to the party. They’ve drifted to the NDP,” Forum Research president Lorne Bozinoff told The Huffington Post Canada.

Among NDP supporters, just over half of said the ad reinforces their partisan vote — whereas 21 per cent indicated it actually persuades them to vote Liberal.

“So it shouldn’t be surprising that 21 per cent of NDP supporters said the ads made them more likely to vote Liberal,” he said.

The ad, borrowed from a concept used in the 2011 Manitoba NDP election campaign, was first released in May. In it, Trudeau’s “resume” is reviewed by a hiring committee who decides the Liberal leader is not ready for the role of prime minister “now.”

Recently, Conservatives have realigned their attacks to Thomas Mulcair and the NDP. Earlier this week, the party launched an online video campaign focused on the party’s satellite offices scandal.

CBC News’ Ad Hawk series reviewed the ad, concluding it “doesn’t feel damning enough to be effective.”

The Forum Research poll was conducted among a random sampling of 1,397 respondents between July 27-28. The results have a margin of error of three percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

Voters are expected to go to the polls on Oct. 19.

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