08/02/2015 11:30 EDT | Updated 08/02/2016 05:59 EDT

Quebec construction holiday draws out border wait times

It's the end of the Quebec construction holiday, and that means longer than usual lines at the Canada-U.S. border.

Dominique McNeely with the Canada Border Services Agency said fewer Canadians travelled to the United States this year, presumably because of the lower loonie.

However, more Americans travelled to Canada, meaning the border has still been busy.

McNeely gave a few tips to help travellers avoid long wait times at the border:

- Prepare for your border interview.

- Have your travel documents in hand as you approach the border.

- Declare everything you bought abroad and have a list of purchases and your receipts organized just in case.

- Avoid trying to cross the border at high peak times such as the late afternoon and early evening.

He also said travellers can check border wait times online.

"Our border wait times are updated every hour on our website for the three most important border crossings in Quebec. So travellers can have a look at our website, and our border wait times, are accessible from the homepage on our website," McNeely said.