08/04/2015 06:11 EDT | Updated 08/04/2015 06:59 EDT

Adidas Defends 'Sexist' Manchester United Jersey For Women

A regular neckline for men, and a plunging one for women?

Adidas is defending a new women's soccer jersey that critics are calling sexist.

The sportswear retailer has secured a £750 million (C$1.167 billion) deal to design jerseys for the U.K.'s Manchester United soccer club over the next ten years.

And some are labelling its newest women's jersey sexist because it shows too much cleavage.

The jersey on the left is designed for women, and it features a neckline that plunges further than it does on the men's shirt (right).

Twitter user @munitedgirl was among the first to notice the difference on Saturday.

Others agreed that the women's jersey would show too much cleavage.

But some didn't feel the same.

Adidas stood up for the design by saying that it took fans' feelings into account when coming up with the jerseys, The Guardian reported.

It said the women's jersey "has a slightly different design" and is "fit to give fans a choice." The company added it has also designed women's jerseys for teams such as Chelsea and Real Madrid and had no complaints, Agence France-Presse said.

This is what women'sjerseys for those teams look like.

The Guardian went on to say that Nike, which previously designed Manchester United's jerseys, didn't produce a female version last year.

But @munitedgirl challenged that assertion by tweeting a photo of a Man United kit with a tag that said, "womens."

This isn't the first time that a soccer jersey has been accused of being sexist.

Earlier this year, Indonesian company Salvo Sports Apparel apologized for adding a tag to the jersey for soccer team Pusamania Borneo that said, "Give this to your woman. It's her job," Refinery29 reported.

Do you think Adidas' jersey for Manchester United is sexist? Tell us in the comments.

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