08/04/2015 08:46 EDT | Updated 08/04/2015 09:59 EDT

Calgary Hail Storm 2015 Thrashes Trees And Gardens, Floods Streets

A severe thunderstorm warning in Calgary continued into the evening Tuesday, as much of the city took a severe hail and rain beating.

The storm slowed transit services, flooded roads, and closed some downtown underpasses as the extreme weather unleashed large hail pellets and heavy rain shortly after rush hour.

Police said power outages took hold in some parts of the city and that some traffic lights were not working.

Across the city, people watched in awe as the severe weather took hold.

Large branches and plenty of leaves fell from trees, and storm drains struggled to keep up with debris blocking the waterflow.

Unlucky pedestrians had to navigate large sections of flooded streets and sidewalks.

This guy was flipping everybody off for splashing haha. #abstorm #yyc

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And many Calgarians were mourning the loss of their beloved gardens and plants.

To top it all off, in some places it was impossible to tell if it was summer or winter.

So far, there have been no estimates of damage or reports of people injured from the storm.

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